#ICYMI: Ne-Yo Sings Through Heartbreak on ‘Don’t Love Me’

In a song of acknowledgment for better of a partner, Ne-Yo croons heartache but love at the same time. “Don’t Love Me,” the song and video, shows the end of a relationship unfolding, but for the growth of both parties.

Staring Serayah and P-Valley‘s Tyler Lepley, cooking for. loved one and using social media begins the breakdown of a story when one thing can seem different to each other given an individual’s mental space. Ne-Yo sings about wanting more for a significant other while realizing you may not be what’s best for them—making a choice to set someone free, although it may hurt.

“You should walk away, It’d be selfish of me to ask you to stay/ When I know that I cannot love you the way you deserve, I can’t sit and watch you make these same mistakes/ Ones I know that you’re willing to make”

Watch the video for “Don’t Love Me” below.