ICYMI, Monica Releases Booming Single “Me + You”

Monica started off the year asking for “Commitment,” and went to jail because of it, and now she’s continuing the message of love with “Me + You.”

Cover Art Via. Monica

“Me + You” is the second single off Monica’s upcoming independent album, Chapter 38. Bass heavy, “Me + You” manages to give off such a hard vibe with the beat, but an emotional gangster with the lyrics.

“Take a dollar, leave the change/ I can hustle anything, call me Superman/ Never lost anything that means anything that I can’t get back/ Wake and bake, take a little break, then when we lay/ You’re the weight that breaks me down/ Late nights, early mornings, I got work but I ain’t goin’/ I’m callin’ out”

Check out “Me + You” below, and “Commitment” here.