ICYMI: Here’s the Video of Naturi Naughton Speaking on 3LW That Has Kiely Williams Upset

Once 3LW, Naturi Naughton is continuing to boom in her acting endeavors, while Adrienne Bailon took a different route, and is now a co-host on The Real, while Kiely Williams stepped away from entertainment.

If you don’t know, 3LW was a multiplatinum selling girl group in the early 2000’s, but they disbanded after an alleged chicken altercation that happened between Williams and Naughton (described below). Naughton has spoken out on the issue for years, and because 3LW was her start in the industry, the topic is brought up.

While we haven’t heard from Williams much on Naughton until this week, Naughton visited The Real in 2017where Bailon apologized to her again, but this time on national television. Neither party detailed the chicken incident, but Bailon did acknowledge her wrong in the situation.

The topic of 3LW was brought up in Naughton’s TV One Uncensored episode, to which Williams caught wind and felt the need to defend herself. “I’m over here being a mom, literally bothering no one, and I hear, ‘Naturi Naughton tells all what really happened at KFC,'” she said. “I let that s**t go… But then I hear that not only did I pie her in the face with chicken and mashed potatoes, [but] we left her on the side of the road.”

Williams denied everything Naughton said, and continued with her video. Also adding on social media that she messaged Naughton personally. “First of all, no we didn’t, and second of all, why?” she continued. “Why would you need to make up new lies? Were the old ones not working anymore?… I’m not in the entertainment industry anymore. I’m a mom. I’m over here. You are on a hit television show. Why do you need this?”