#ICYMI: Elijah Blake Asks for ‘More’ in #NewVideo

While tied up and blindfolded, Elijah Blake pleads for “More” in the video for his latest single. “More” is Blake’s second new single since the release of his “The Neon Eon” album in 2021.

With just Blake and an accompanying scene partner, we find the artist executes the sensual lyrics and vibes within the song for the video.

Not one to shy from sexuality, Blake’s vocals and tone on “More” create euphoric bliss that can be felt throughout the song, from the lowest note to the highest run.

“Could we make sweet love, Within the furthest of the meadows / Can we just get it on, Til the sun hits night / Can we just kiss each other, like it was our very very very first time / Please, give me some more”

Download “More” here.