HIV/AIDs Outreach Organization Brave Soul Collective Celebrates 15 Years in the Community

Brave Soul Collective a Washington, DC-based multi-disciplinary arts, education, and HIV/AIDs outreach organization, returns with an all virtual celebration and reunion retrospective event to celebrate its 15 year anniversary.

Brave Soul Collective works to illuminate the lives of LGBTQIA people of color through the performing and healing arts, aiming to stop the spread of HIV/AIDS by serving as a platform for open and honest discussion about prevention, stigma, and personal responsibility. They also have artist features, regularly performs and present workshops at HIV/AIDS conferences, as well as various LGBTQIA Pride, & community events.

“After an uphill, albeit ultimately triumphant year of artistic output in 2020 amid the COVID-19 pandemic, we as Black Queer artists must continue to tell our stories and honor our gifts and talents by sharing them with the world at large,” BSC Artistic & Managing Director, Monte J. Wolfe said. “At a time when arts, education, and inspiration is more necessary than ever before.”

The 15-year celebration night will consist of a chronological look back at all of BSC’s events and shows, chats with some special BSC family and guests, and much more.

Given the current state of conditions due to COVID-19, all of BSC’s 2021 virtual anniversary programming is being presented as a means of providing support to the BSC audience while navigating the conditions, uncertainty, and difficulties brought on by the pandemic, especially for the artist community.

The celebration is all virtual and can be accessed for FREE (or with a $15 anniversary suggested donation). The 15-year celebration is set for Saturday, May 29th at 8 p.m.(EST). RSVP/Donate here:

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