Eric Benét Says Writing for Earth, Wind & Fire is One of His Biggest Musical Moments (Video)

Eric Benét has been an important artist for the culture, giving multiple R&B bops throughout his long lasting career. While walking the red carpet for the Urban One Honors before performing, we got the chance to speak with Benét. Despite all his hits, he humbly says his most monumental moment, musically, has been writing for Earth, Wind & Fire.

“Wow, there’s been some pretty big moments,” he started. “Probably, one of the biggest moments of my career was when I received a call from; I’m not just an Earth, Wind & Fire fan, but I’m an Earth, Wind & Fire student. When I got a call from Maurice White, this was a few years before he passed away. He asked me to come into the studio and write some stuff for a new Earth, Wind & Fire album. I felt like ‘wow, I have made it. And if I don’t do anything else, I’m validated'”

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