DMV Native LATENIGHTJIGGY Talks ‘Flavors 3,’ Blending Genres & Languages, and Most Meaningful Moment

With the release of his latest EP, Flavors 3, LATENIGHTJIGGY is continuing his rise in the music industry. This month, he’ll be the supporting artist on tour with Nezza, he was named TikTok’s “Artist to Watch” in June, and his fanbase continues to grow.

Flavors 3 has been like a highly anticipated thing from my supporters,” LATENIGHTJIGGY said. “I feel like it’s some of the best music that I’ve made to date. I’m just happy to be able to put it out and work with people that wanna work with me.”

The eight-track EP continues to blend Latin, Afrobeat, R&B and Pop music, while flowing between English and Spanish. The eclectic genres flow effortlessly with LATENIGHTJIGGY, and the genres are a part of his upbringing and culture.

Growing up in Gaithersburg, Maryland, as a Trinidadian-American, he experienced the diverse areas within the DMV, and really grew a love of Go-Go music. His upbringing and surroundings all contributed to his musical abilities.

“I love Go-Go, for one. I used to play in a Go-Go band, and I feel like there’s a certain rhyme style that goes with like Go-Go and that type of a type of movement. I was just talking to my dawg about this. I said, ‘Yo, listening to my stuff now and like, my rhyme schemes, my rhyme patterns. I feel like it’s very Go-Go.’ Like, I listen to like pocket beats and the way that people rap and like, you know what I mean? Even the singing… I don’t know, but it’s definitely; you can feel that if you’re from the DMV area and you really tapped in with like the music that people like us grew up on. You’re gonna feel that. You’re gonna hear that. It’s live music and I love implementing this live sound in my vibe.”

Not only was LATENIGHTJIGGY inspired by his culture and DMV music, but he also grew up playing instruments. When he was 8, he started singing and playing clarinet and saxophone. As a teenager, he had taught himself to play piano and began writing and producing music.

“I feel like the saxophone is one of those instruments that super slept on,” LATENIGHTJIGGY said. “I really love jazz too… You hear little things that happen that only I feel like the saxophone can do. When I was playing saxophone in, I think it was elementary school, I was doing all the solos. I had that pressure on me and I really had to lock in.”

With being musically inclined since the age of 8, LATENIGHTJIGGY has had many musical moments throughout his career. A major moment he had earlier this year was opening for an artist in an arena, making it his first arena performance. However, there was a more intimate performance in 2021 that LateNightJiggy said was his most meaningful.

“It was a year ago when I had an acoustic, a more curated private event show. It was probably like 50 people there, but I handpicked most of the people. I had just a guitarist and a percussionist and it was very intimate. And the most meaningful moment was when I was singing this song that I have called “Lonely,” and I literally looked in the back and I seen like three girls crying. Like I’m singing and I see tears coming down their eyes and I’m like, ‘yo.’”

While Flavors 3 may be the end of the Flavors series, it’s not the end. With multiple singles and EPs under his belt, LATENIGHTJIGGY is gearing up to release his debut album in mid-2023.

“People gonna feel; if it reaches them, they gonna feel it and they’re gonna sing it no matter what,” LATENIGHTJIGGY said. “I kind of just try to put these influences in it and do it with no rules because I know that if it connects with people and people feel the energy in the song, they gonna love it no matter where they from.”

Download Flavors 3 here.