Derek Chauvin Has Been Charged with Third-Degree Murder & Manslaughter, He and George Floyd Worked Together Previously

Earlier, it was reported that former officer Derek Chauvin was arrested with no charges yet. Chauvin has officially been charged with third-degree murder and manslaughter.

After George Floyd was killed by Chauvin, the video went viral, which resulted in rage and emotions. One of the results was the destruction as a form of protest that took place in Minneapolis. Destruction which could be argued to be a helping factor in the arrest of Chauvin. While Chauvin has been charge, the other officers involved have not (as of yet). All officers have been fired since the murder.

According to multiple reports, this is not Floyd’s or Chauvin’s first encounter. They used to work security together at El Nuevo Rodeo night club. Maya Santamaria owned the club, and recalled tension between the 3rd Precinct with the club, specifically during their “Urban” nights.

“They didn’t like having to deal with having a nightclub in the neighborhood,” Santamaria said to the Washington Post. “Especially our black nights were not their favorite.” Santamaria went on to say she could “feel the racism between the precinct and the Black promotion team and community on this nights.

As of yet, there’s no statement on behalf of Chauvin, or the other officers. A local state of emergency has been declared in Minneapolis, as well as a curfew for public spaces.

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