Courtney J Talks Upcoming Debut Album, Influences, Musical Growth & More (Interview)

Emerging Columbia, South Carolina artist Courtney J is sure to be well known. Preparing for her debut album, J has been able to express herself fully through the music. Inspired by Mariah Carey, Janet Jackson, Brandy, and more, you can hear the smoothness and melodies in her songs.

J is ecstatic, excited, and anxious for her album. She started recording the album in 2019, and revealed that the direction for the album changed. J originally wanted a “90s vibe,” but once she got in the studio with her producer; a changed happened. “We rode with it, we just rode the wave of the vibe.”

We were able to interview J on Instagram Live where we talked about a few things, and she even sang a Carey song a cappella. During our discussion, she revealed a few things about her music and herself. One thing revealed is that a song from her upcoming debut album, The Process, is talking about domestic violence.

“…I decided to just go ahead, and let it be out in the world. There’s a lot of people that can relate, and they’re not going to be comfortable enough to share their experience or story about it, so they want to live through somebody else. I want to do that, I want to do that for them. I want them to be able to have that experience, and relate to that song, even though it’s very personal. But I myself have accepted what happened. I’m okay with it, I’m better now, so I don’t see a problem with letting the out in the world.”

J’s describes her debut album as “vibey, sensual, and electrifying.” She also states that her “music may not be 90s, but my sound is 90s.” Watch the full interview below.