InquisitiveCarter.com officially launched June 1, 2015, solely under the direction of William Carter. We’ve been able to grow over the years with love and support through various likes, shares, reposts, interviews, events, etc. I’m here to say I appreciate everything.  

      Here, we focus on Black music, entertainment, and culture, and all surrounding aspects. We also showcase emerging talented individuals (singers, dancers, painters, etc) through multi-media interviews. In 2016, IC Magazine was launched, and that will re-emerge soon. We have grown to reach roughly 100,000 plus people a year through the website alone, and reach over a million people through social media engagement.

      Any thoughts, ideas, or if you want to be featured, shoot me an email.

      Hopefully you’re here because you like the content, and I’m here to let you know there’s more to come as we grow and expand!