Chrisette Michele Opens Up on Inauguration Backlash: “I Felt Like The Country Was in Turmoil, I Was a Place They Could Lay Their Brokenness” (Video)

Chrisette Michele received a lot of backlash before, during, and after performing at Donald Trump’s inauguration. It hasn’t been easy for her to bounce back, but she took steps to heal herself first, and is getting back on the scene.

Michele appeared on Sister Circle, and opened up about a lot of things. She addressed personal things such as going through divorce and parting ways with her label. She said she wished people saw her heart, but then realized that was “idealistic,” regarding performing at the inauguration. “You can have love, you can have good intentions, but you have to have wisdom…” She went on to speak on how she pushed through to get to a better place.

“I went to Yoga, I went to meditation, I went to mom and dad. I went and got my yoga certification just so I could be immersed in meditation, and self, and listen; going within. I wouldn’t have been able to come to those humbling conclusion if I didn’t get quiet. So, while everyone was making a lot of noise; I didn’t feel like that was directed literally towards me. I felt like the country was in turmoil, and I was a place they could lay their brokenness. Yoga, meditation, introspection, and God helps you to see things from a different perspective. I didn’t take on that negativity myself.

Check out the interview below.