Cardi B Delivers a Small, Cinematic Video for “Press”

After releasing the long awaited song “press,” we had to wait longer for the video. However, Cardi B gave us a VIDEO.

Throughout, we see Cardi commit 2 murders, serving looks going to and leaving the courthouse, and even a little bloody at one point. Giving us Orange is the New Black vibes.

While the rapper is facing charges over an alleged altercation, it’s interesting to see her take on such a take for the video. But, it wouldn’t be Cardi if it wasn’t daring.

“Bitches be pressed (Pressed)/ They knew how I’m coming, real bitch in the flesh (Woo)/ Who the fuck she gon’ check? (Who?)/ She be talking that shit, talkin’ out of her neck (Brr)/ Put blood on her dress (Woo)/ Bitches be mad when they see Cardi step in the spot (Woah)/ Said that you ’bout it, we know that you not/ I’ma pull up on bitches as soon as I drop”

Check out the video below.