BluPrint from ‘BET Presents: The Encore’ Releases Debut EP  

Once a clip from the original series went viral between Kiely Williams and Farrah Franklin from Destiny’s Child, Carlos King and Todd Tucker brought the magic back, this time to BET. The show started with 9 women, Williams, Fallon and Felisha King, Shamari DeVoe, Pamela Long, Aubrey O’Day, Irish and Misha Grinstead, and Nivea, bringing us BluPrint.

With Wednesday evening being the season finale, BluPrint (DeVoe, Williams, Fallon, Felisha and Long) have released a six-track EP. The cover of their EP has just DeVoe, Williams, Fallon and Felisha, but the project does feature Long’s vocals and her Gospel record. Long decided to leave the group after filming in order to pursue a career in Gospel music.

The EP contains songs we’ve heard throughout the series, with an A Capella, women’s empowerment single “Say Something.”


  1. Birds Eye View  
  2. Go Don’t Leave  
  3. Only God Knows (With Pamela Long)  
  4. Say Something  
  5. Skeletons  
  6. Talkin  

Check out the EP here, which is currently number one on the on the iTunes R&B chart.

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