What to Expect in Wendy Williams Biopic According to Her: “Sex, Drugs, Date Rape, and Fat Shaming”

After Lifetime and Wendy Williams announced a biopic about her life, many questions surrounded the topic. Who or what would she talk about? Whats the age range? What’s off limits? And so much more.

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Williams is in the midst of her Hot Girl Summer, but surrounded by drama. Earlier this year, she announced her divorce from her longtime husband Kevin Hunter. Along with the announcement, the news that Hunter had a baby with a side chick emerged. Williams threw the whole damn tree towards Hunter on one particular episode of her talk show.

Reportedly, Williams, along with Will Packer will be producing the movie. The script will be written by Leigh Davenport, who is responsible the 1992 romantic comedy “Boomerang.” 

TMZ is reporting that the biopic will focus on her life from 10-55. Most likely to include the divorce and details. Her previous drug addictions, “sex romps, fat shaming from her family and a never-before-told story of date rape at the hands of a chart-topping artist.”

Williams spoke on the upcoming biopic on her show, stating that production will begin in the fall, and they are casting now. Williams stated that ” I need 2 or 3 different Wendys.” The film is set to debut sometime in 2020 between January and February.

“I’m such a Lifetime groupie,” she said. “There’s also a documentary about my life. So, the movie will be two hours and then the documentary is going to be two hours. It’s like a Wendy night on Lifetime. The documentary is garthering people in my life — not just my mom and dad and siblings and stuff, but old bosses or friends and people in the business, to talk about me behind my back.”

Start at 4:59 mark.

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