Daily Archives: November 7, 2022

Country artist Reyna Roberts debuted strong in the game with “Stompin’ Grounds,” and has been working hard to continue her rise and leave a mark in this genre. Roberts just released the video for her latest single, Pretty Little Devils,” and while the song has traditional country elements, it’s more progressive […]

#NewVideo: Reyna Roberts Takes Us from the Ranch to the ...

In 2 minutes and 50 seconds with keys, guitar, sax, drums and bass,¬†Kawan DeBose expresses the feeling of longing for someone in particular in his new song, “Hello.” While the fear that prevents people from doing certain things is typically seen as bad, DeBose encapsulates that uneasy internal feeling regarding going […]

#NewMusic: Kawan DeBose Displays Fear Beautifully on ‘Hello’