2016: The Year Of Cardi B

“The hood was fuckin’ with me, and now the suburbians is fucking with me too!” – Cardi B


Let’s be real, who had an amazing 2016 like Cardi B? For the past few years, Cardi B has taken social media by storm with her videos on life, advice, stripping, and that hoe life. Cardi was making the people laugh for awhile, but no one knew she could rap. Cardi went from social media to national television with “Love & Hip Hop New York.” Cardi was shown to the world on season 6 of LHHNY from December 2015- March 2016. During the time, the people got to know who Cardi was, we learned she was more than comedy videos; she’s a real woman with dreams and aspirations, who will still pop off when needed, as well as iconic phrases.

From her first appearance on television, Cardi captured the audience within seconds, not just because of her drama with Dj Self, but how she handled it. From LHHNY, we learned that Cardi wanted to be a rapper, and she actually had the skills to do it, despite haters. If you need to know how talented Cardi is, she took a phrase (seen above), and made a song from it. Cardi released her first EP, Gangsta Bitch Music Vol. 1 on March 7 of 2016, and from then her music career took off. Cardi, being an independent artist, quickly rose on Billboard’s charts, by herself, and being featured on other artists songs. Cardi is independent and self-made, and made her way through everything with believing in herself and her talent.


Watching Cardi from her videos days to seeing what she has become in amazing. Cardi went from struggling in her childhood to becoming a stripper. This is nothing new, she owns up to her past, acknowledges it, and loves it. But, her goal of music was still on her mind. She is a version of the american dream. Making her own way out of nothing, which is truly inspiring. Women who share her background/lifestyle can fall into a dangerous lifestyle easily, yet Cardi made it. She didn’t let her past stop her, but rather transcend her to where she is currently. She’s more than “a stripper hoe,” she is Cardi B, a woman with talent, drive, and determination that has captured the hearts of many, and in the process; became a style icon in 2016. Cardi has shown what hard work and dedication can do, and that you may not start in life where you think you should’ve, but nothing is set in stone. She’s shown women that you can embrace your hoeside, do you, but stand for yourself and own you, don’t let anyone take away your accomplishments.