Wendy Williams Opens Up About Her Life, Show, and Gives Advice (Video)

If you’ve been following Wendy Williams‘ career, then you know she has made a name for herself, as well as quite a few enemies. From monumental firsts, to iconic beefs, one thing is for certain; the name Wendy Williams will ring bells, and forever have a staple on Hip-Hop/Pop culture. 

Williams has gained millions of supports across the US, so it came to no surprise that the line to get into the venue was wrapped around the entire building. Once inside, it wasn’t long before the venue seating was packed, and people had to stand for the night, and happily so. Williams captured fans attention from the moment she walked on the stage up until the very end.

From watching “The Wendy Williams Show,” I’ve seen not only growth in the show, but Williams as well. Williams transcended from a radio personality, to a household name. Williams had a touch exterior and heart to match, but as time progressed, she softened up. As she often says, “I’m a woman, and I’m allowed to change my mind.” And she rarely changes her mind, but when she does, she has good reasons from her perspective.

The most recent mind change is with R. Kelly. Williams sat down with Kelly and had a full long conversation, where he revealed to her that he couldn’t read or do math, and a lot more that she has not and will not speak about.

As indifferent as Williams may be from the public, fans and haters alike, she does always stick to her guns,” and she kept it real on her tour just like how it is on the show. Her ‘Ask Wendy’ segment cornered real questions, ranging from sex with a brothers friend, to going through a significant other’s phone. Williams opinion is like gold to her fans, seemingly coming from the straight shooter auntie we all at some point had.

Seeing Williams live was nothing short of a inspirational, not just because of her celebrity, but from her growth. Seeing her speak on being a “functioning addict,” improving her life, and still want to give back to people; it’s admirable. Seeing a black woman make it, make a name for herself on her own, is nothing short of a miracle, especially given the time frame and area of reporting in which Williams came up in.

If you have the time to see Williams live on tour, or have time to visit the show, you should. Watch the video below at her D.C. stop.