Trina Explains Why Her Latest Album ‘The One’ Was Pulled Offline (Video) 1

If you’re a Trina fan, then you know she was working on her The One album for years. We kept getting “it’s coming soon” messages from Trina, then it came. Shortly after, it disappeared, like The Avatar. It left fans wondering why? Well, she has finally let people know what happened.

The One via. Twitter

In the season 3 premiere of Love & Hip Hop Miami, Trina explained what happened to the album while dealing with the deteriorating health, and eventual passing of her mother. Trina alleged that while she was handling her mother’s health, her former business partner Julian stole from her. This resulted in the album being pulled.

“After four years, we finished the album, finally,” Trina stated. “Then, my business partner Julian was given a $300,000 advance and he used it for his label which was supposed to be for me. Now, all of a sudden I’m getting cease and desist letters from producers that were never paid and my whole album was taken down off the internet.”

Trina went on say that he took advantage of the situation surround her mom’s health, and still hasn’t issued any sympathy, or words of encouragement following her mom’s passing. “Physically I was there, mentally I wasn’t there,” she said. “I wasn’t double-checking everything that Julian was doing.” 

Watch the clip below.

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