Tamar Braxton Opens Up About Being Abused By Multiple “Family Members,”Creates A Safe Space For Other Victims To Share Their Stories (Video)

In an interview with Wendy Williams that will air today, Tamar Braxton shared a secret that she has kept secret since her childhood.

Braxton was asked by Williams about why she reportedly abruptly left from the Braxton family episode of “Fix My Life” with Iyanla Vanzant. Although extremely emotional, Braxton reveals that the topic of their childhood was brought upland herself being molested by “family members.” Braxton, always a bubbly personality, was physically distraught talking about the issue.

“A lot of things happened in my childhood that I was too afraid to talk about,” she told Williams. “The truth of the matter is I have been molested by both sides of my family and it’s nothing I ever talked about and nothing I ever thought that I would sit around the table with Iyanla who’s here to talk about me and my sisters and their problems and to bring that up and sex shame me basically in front of everybody. So, that’s why I got up and walked out.”



On a social media post, Braxton wrote about the topic before the interview aired. Shring that only 2 people knew of the incident, and the reason she left the “Fix My Life” tapping was because she was blind sighted, not only at the tapping of the show, but also on Williams’ show.

“Today Wendy asked me what happened at my sisters meeting and why did I walk out.,” she started. “Since someone there decided that they would ask me about something so private, so embarrassing, so secretive in front of EVERYONE that was there, I felt like my life was flashing before my eyes and IMMEDIATELY started to cry. Not because someone decided to allow someone else to tell MY SECRET, not because I was asked if it were True in front of a hundred strangers, but because once again my right to choose was taken from me all over again. I decided to Tell Wendy and the world MY secret, MYSELF that I have been a victim of abuse not once, twice, ten, but multiple times by multiple “family members” I’ve never told ANYONE other than Two people in my life and they both have held this close to them. One Being the man that I am with now and EVERY, SINGLE DAY he says I’m so beautiful and my scars makes me even more attractive. I felt that because this has happened to me recently, that something HAD to be done about people who DID know and tried to make People embarrassed and ashamed about something that has happened to them!!! I never EVER again want anyone to feel so little and so small or even ashamed about something they had no control over. I wanted to create a space where you can tell your OWN story with out anyone commenting or making you feel ashamed EVER again!! Go to and tell your story and empower yourself starting today! I wanted you to know that no matter how many scars you have… you are the PRETTIEST ? I love you all so much noneedTBshame.com”


Braxton has since launched a new website, noneedTBshame.com, which allows user to talk and share their experiences with no fear or being judged.


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