#NewVideo: Silk Sonic Closes Their Door and ‘Skate’ into a Different Phase of Their Music Journey

Silk Sonic follow up their Billboard number one Hot 100 single “Leave The Door Open” with a continuation of nostalgic feeling. Giving us 70’s realness, both in terms of looks for the videos and sound of the music, Silk Sonic has finally closed the door on their last single with the new single “Skate.”

When you hear the word “Skate,” the 70’s is the era that comes to mind, giving short shorts, hair, style, muscle and see-through shirts, and more. We get all of that in Silk Sonic’s latest video.

“I’m tryna roll, I’m tryna ride/ I’m tryna float, I’m tryna glide/ No, no, don’t be shy, just take my hand and hold on tight/Skate to me baby (Skate), Slide your way on over (Slide your way on over)/ Skate to me baby (Skate), I wanna get to know ya (I wanna get to know ya)”

Watch the Silk Sonic video for “Skate” below.