#NewMusic: Duo Ruff Endz Returns with Fifth Album: ‘Rebirth’

Formed in Baltimore in the mid-’90s, and comprised of David Chance and Dante Jordan, Ruff Endz returns to their music scene. The duo’s fifth studio album, Rebirth, is here, following previously released singles “Be The One” and “Congratulations.”

“The inspiration behind this album was birthed out of our experiences, both personally and professionally,” reads a statement from the Ruff Endz. “Musically the album embodies elements from the classic era of R&B which we thought were important to preserve but still be able to incorporate a 2021 perspective.”

We are excited about this project because it’s a true expression of how we really feel as men,” the duo continues. “We see life as a roller coaster of emotions and Rebirth\ is a reflection of us riding the emotional ups & downs of life. Each song shares about an emotion that we have experienced and how we dealt with those situations.”

Friday, the duo will host a socially distant “REBIRTH” album release celebration with fans in Times Square, New York (Corner of 42nd Street and 7th Ave – Next to the New Victory Theatre) at 7:30 p.m. Fans will be able to celebrate with the group and take photos with safety measures in place. Open to all!

Party Over Here” is a song that celebrates family, friends, and good times. “Sorry” is a song that apologizes to women for their past hurt and relationships.

We thought instead of making your typical breakup song, we would write a song like “Congratulations” that shows how two people can successfully move on and be happy for each other,” shares David. “Too many times we hear about the drama of breakups but there are many people who are emotionally mature enough to be happy for their ex. It’s about everyone finding happiness in whatever path they choose in love.”

Overall, the tone of this album is positive, so it doesn’t matter where you are in your life there is something for you on this album that is sure to satisfy your R&B appetite.

Ruff Endz’s fifth studio album, Rebirth, is available on all streaming platforms, via the SRG ILS Group label imprint.

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