#NewMusic: Coco Jones Delivers on ‘What I Didn’t Tell You’ EP

With the prior release of “Caliber” and “ICU,” Coco Jones has released more, long-awaited music with her “What I Didn’t Tell You” EP.

The seven-track EP follows Jones’ last project, H.D.W.Y. from 2019 with the single, “Just My Luck.”

As with previous music, Jones gets personal, but the “What I Didn’t Tell You” EP shows a more life-experienced Coco with different subject matters of life and love.

The EP takes listeners on a journey through lyrics and vocals, an ode to traditional R&B on a solo-led project. She even samples SWV’s classic song, “Rain.”

  1. Headline
  2. Caliber
  3. Crazy For Me
  4. Double Back
  5. ICU
  6. No Chaser
  7. Spend It

Jones has been making her way into entertainment since her start on Disney Channel. Since then, Jones has released multiple music projects, starred in movies, and most recently, became Hilary Banks in Belair on Peacock. She also has a hit youtube show with entertainer Terrell called T and Coco.

Download “What I Didn’t Tell You” here.