Mariah Carey Is Sexy and Alone In New Video For “GTFO”

Mariah Carey is back with her first single in over a year with “GTFO,” which samples Porter Robinson’s “Goodbye To A World.”

In a press release, Carey stated that she “wanted to give my fans and everyone a first listen that wasn’t so serious. I’ve had so much fun making this album, and I wanted the first moment to reflect that light-hearted spirit.”

Spending time alone and dressed in lingerie, Carey is singing what many have speculated is about her ex-fiance James Packer. With this being Carey’s buzz single, it’s done its job. According to Billboard, Carey’s preceded “With You” will be the first official single, due out October 5th.

 “Bulldozed my heart as if you planned it/ My prince was so unjustly handsome/ Who was a knight in shining armor?/ I got a story, you loved me harder/ Might as well down this Caymus bottle/ I ain’t the type to play the martyr/ How ’bout you get the fuck out?”

Watch the video below.