Keithian Talks New Single ‘Bullsh*t,’ Vulnerability in Forthcoming Two-Part EP and Mental Health Awareness

While in the midst of adding support to a nationwide tour, Keithian has released his new single “Bullsh*t” while readying for a two-part forthcoming “Human” EP.

“Bullsh*t” was released on May 12 and Keithian said he “blacked out” while writing the song in the studio while writing, which he said he does often when writing.

“Bullsh*t was vomiting at the mouth,” Keithian said. “It’s something I needed to say. I’m not kidding you when I say I wrote this song in 15 minutes. I’ve been performing it on the tour and the reception’s been crazy. When I wrote it, I wrote it painfully real quick and I moved on.”

Keithian said he was kind of “numb” to the situation after giving the song to his producer and didn’t realize what he had truly said til a later date.

“Pick up the phone, give me a buzz, lemme know what you decide. If nobody’s home, I’m not alone cause I’m tired of wasting my time. I’m tired of wasting my time. I know that you wanna be mine. Act like you don’t but you lying. I’m calling Bullsh*t. Say you got it, but you ain’t got nothing. Bad b*tches don’t say shit, they just hustling.”

“Bullsh*t lyrics

Download “Bullsh*t” here.

With “Bullsh*t” as his latest single, Keithian released his single “Ways” in April, expressing a vulnerable side in music that eventually led him to name his forthcoming EP “Human.”

“Ways” is a single Keithian previously stated was needed to understand and express certain feelings and understand if those feelings for a person were reciprocated.

When it comes to an increasing level of vulnerability, Keithian said: “I think the industry now has made me that vulnerable than before. I love it because I’m able to live it right now.”

Download “Ways” here.

While discussing the topic of vulnerability, Keithian revealed that he has dealt with depression and understands there’s a journey and tools.

“I think God was watching over me in a solid way,” Keithian said. “I go to therapy, I’m avid with that. At that time, I was using drugs, doing promiscuous stuff, cheating on my girlfriend, all kinds of horrible things. I guess were supposed to make me feel good but it really didn’t. I think it was the grace of God who sent signs to me that have helped me.”

Keithian has years of experience with expressing himself musically. Keithian’s grandfather taught him how to play the saxophone at the age of seven with the tenor sax, which eventually led him along a vocalist route.

“I’m a jazz musician first,” Keithian said.

That early level of musicianship pushed Keithian into using those skills, and more, with the 2000s boy group N-Toon. The same group that launched R&B singer Lloyd’s career.

While the style of songs can range for his upcoming two-part project, given the fact Keithian is a Jazz musician that grew up with multiple genres and artists, naming the project “Human” allowed him to be vulnerable.

“I went through some things over the last 2 years that’s been heartbreaking and challenging, but it has allowed me to realize how human I am, per say,” Keithian said. “We see so much stuff and now we’re getting digital; so to bring it back to where we are is one of those things for me to just be vulnerable, honestly.”

Although musically inclined, Keithian’s creative passions have cultivated other paths, which led him to being a filmmaker. Keithian was an official filmmaker at Apple and said that once the contract was over, the company let people go. However, that led him to work on AT&T’s “Dream in Black” campaign.

“That to me was a big deal because it really puts a pedestal on some of these people in the community in a different way. It’s really an honor, it really was,” Keithian said.

AT&T* Dream in Black’s signature program, Black Future Makers, is marking a 5-year milestone of highlighting influential leaders impacting the culture as well as amplifying the contributions of consumers making a difference in their communities.

Keithian is currently a support act on Vedo’s “The Mood Swings” tour. Keithian said Vedo inspires him every night and expressed feeling “really rested,” among other joyful emotions.

Check out the remaining tour dates here.

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