Jalil Wright, AKA Runituprawww, is an artist, producer, artist developer, and website designer. A creative in various ways. He played trombone, piano, xylophone, drums, a little bit of trumpet, and violin growing up. This added to his love of music as he’s currently in the process of making his own label called […]

A Conversation with Black Creative Jalil Wright: Artist, Producer, and ...

A situationship, something many have been in, can be defined as an undefined or committed romantic or sexual relationship. Emerging artist Miya Guggs shares her own experience with her latest single. “Situationships” is from Guggs upcoming debut EP, Patterns. The single was written by Guggs, and produced by ProdRicci. “Situationships” just […]

#NewMusic: Rising Artist Miya Guggs Discusses ‘Situationships’ in Latest Single