Artist J. Brown Discusses Music, an Upcoming EP, Touring with Elle Varner, and Life Lessons

Singer, songwriter, producer, businessman, and father are all words that can be used to describe J. Brown, an R&B artist on the rise. Brown has put in work to study his craft, which resulted in him singing to Wyclef Jean early on in his career, as a part of a group that ultimately disbanded. However, that didn’t stop him. 

Over a year ago, Brown released his debut EP. Forever Yours, and also began touring with Elle Varner. But little did the world know that we would shortly be in a global pandemic. Going through that, Brown has kept his momentum going, and just released his latest single, “Vibe.”

“Quarantine creative has been pretty creative,” Brown said. “It allowed me to reflect and think a lot more. As a result of doing that, I came up with ‘Vibe’ …Going through this experience has fueled me to progressively go out here, be more independent, be more diligent, and just be willing to sacrifice it all. You never know. Life can change like that, as we all have witnessed over the last year and a half. You have to be prepared no matter what.”

When it comes to his music, Brown has been the only person on his songs. That may change in the future, as he found a good friendship while touring with Varner.

“Elle is; I crush over her, Brown said. “She’s such a sweet soul… but she’s a really good friend, she’s a sweetheart, she’s beautiful and extremely talented… She’s just a great spirit. That experience with her was awesome.”

When it comes to his music, Brown says he has been inspired by other people’s experiences up to now. However, he does say his new EP will be more personal. 

“The music is personal to me, which is why I’m writing or singing it, but it doesn’t pertain to my personal life,” Brown said. “In this new EP that I’m working on, everything that I sing about will pertain to who I am as a person, to what I’ve experienced…I’m sure people will relate to the things I’ve been through as well. There’s a side that people don’t know.”

Another side people may not know is the fact Brown is a college-educated man, and a member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc. While following his dreams as an artist, he also followed his dreams involving education.

“Education is something I strongly believe in,” Brown said. “Music is something I strikingly believe in. In terms of balancing the two, it was quite simple. Knowing I’m passionate about both of them, there was no way that I would lack on ay side because I felt like this was a calling.”

As the year progresses, we’ll surely hear more music from Brown.

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