Alex Harris Gets Personal on Life, Music, and Philanthropy (Interview)

Musician, writer, educator, philanthropist, and family man Alex Harris has made waves during this global pandemic. Harris released his Frequency EP, put together a virtual release party, and just released “Every Day Will Be Like A Holiday,” his holiday single.

Faith, education, music are things Harris’ parents instilled in him, and his brothers and sisters growing up. Those elements are heard throughout his music and are key components throughout his life.

“I believe the one should embrace everything about her or himself and when we do that, I think that’s innovation in itself. No two persons are the same.” Harris is one of eight and falls right in the middle of his siblings.

During the lock, Harris said he had an initial fear of “What am I going to do?” He then found his peace and focused on how he could expand in this space. Through technology, he was able to record music and continue to connect with people. Completing songs and writing new ones surrounding love and social justice.

“The beauty of creation and the human experience is that everyone experiences, reads, sees, feels something differently than the other. Even when you are biologically connected through DNA.”

When it came to putting together his Frequency EP, Harris said he wanted the music to sonically “trigger those frequencies in the human experience.”

“I think it’s great when it’s authentically who we are, and not mimicking someone else because it seems to be popular,” said Harris. “Because remember at one time, it wasn’t. It became popular when that person chose to be who she or he is.”

When it comes to his holiday single, Harris said he wanted to sing something that he “could connect with.” “When you say ‘Every Day Will Be Like a Holiday,’ even though it’s a love song, it applies to everything we experience as humans,” said Harris.

“When I do this kind of music, It’s all of who I am. When I write the songs I write, it’s all of who I am. I’m not listening to someone else to say ‘let me write something like that, let me sound like that.’ It’s saying: ‘What is my sound? How do I want to express my interpretation of my experiences?’”

Watch the full interview below.